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Kokkari is one of the most picturesque places in Samos. The village has retained its intimate, original character. The old centre is grouped around the rock in the middle of the bay. Kokkari is located at the foot of the, due to the abundance of water, green Ambelos mountains with its two peaks Profitis Ilias Karvounis (1153 m) and Lazaros (1039 m). The village is a great destination for a hiking holiday. To the west of the village you find the beaches of Lemonakia and Tsamadou and a little further lies the small coastal village of Avlakia. Towards Samos town you find the hamlet of Kedros.


Pythagorion is the tourist capital of the island. The place is beautifully situated on a hill overlooking a picturesque bay. At the harbour stands a statue of the philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras, after who the town is named. But Pythagorion is also the city of Polycrates. Structures - or the remains of - from the period he ruled can still be seen everywhere (Kastro, Tunnel of Eupalinos, city walls, etc.). The village has a beautiful archaeological museum. Chora, the former capital of Samos (1560-1834), derives its significance primarily from its history and central location. The elongated village of Mytilinoi was founded by immigrants from the neighbouring island of Lesvos. It has a pleasant square and a nice Paleontological Museum that is worth a visit.


Ireon was a small fishing village that has grown into a modern place that has retained its original character. There is a beautiful square, a car-free boulevard and pleasant pebble beaches on either side of the village. The village is named after the nearby Heraion, one of the most important sanctuaries for the goddess Hera in ancient times. In the hinterland, surrounded by citrus groves, lies the quiet, agricultural village of Miloi, which got its name from the water mills that once stood along the Imvrassos River. The Imvrassos flows into the sea at Ireon. Pagondas is the centre of the agricultural region and the inhabitants mainly live from the olive groves in the area. Thanks to some interesting, artisan ceramic shops, Koumaradei has developed into a popular tourist attraction. In Spatharei you can find the imposing Taxiarchis church and there are many colourful houses; ideal for photographing. Pirgos is a small, traditional village, located at an altitude of approximately 350 m in the centre of the island.


In the vast city of Karlovassi everyday Greek life is bustling. The largest contiguous forest areas of the island are located nearby, southwest of Potami beach. Agios Dimitrios, Agios Nikolaos, Agios Konstantinos and Kambos Vourlioton are small coastal towns that have not yet been overrun by tourism. The picturesque mountain villages of Vourliotes and Manolates are among the most photogenic places in Samos.


Samos town (officially Vathi) is the heart of the island. Here the busy daily life pulsates in the pleasant shopping streets and the bustling harbour. It’s not a real tourist place. Located on a steep slope on a deep bay, Samos town offers a beautiful view. The higher part of the city, Ano Vathi, is also the oldest part of the city. Here you can find traditional architecture, cobblestone stairways and narrow alleys, houses with colourful shutters, pots of flowers and some beautiful churches. From the harbour a road leads to the Nisi Peninsula. At the end of this road, at Agia Paraskevi is a small pebble beach. Samos town is a good starting point to visit the Vlamari plateau with the hamlet of Kamara and the monasteries Zoödochos Pigi and Agia Zoni.


Two winding roads with numerous hairpin bends lead down towards Ballos and Pefkos, two small beach settlements in the rugged coastal area between Pirgos and Marathokambos. Platanos, which lies at an altitude of more than 550 m, is often called the "penthouse" of the island. Only the hamlet of Kosmadei is even higher situated in the mountains. On the central square of Platanos there is a refreshing water spring. Ormos Marathokambos is a small and cozy coastal village on the road to Votsalakia. The tourist place Votsalakia (officially: Kambos Marathokambos) is an elongated street village, parallel to the long, wide pebble beach, with a succession of accommodations, shops, cafes, bars and restaurants. West of Votsalakia there are small, much quieter sandy beaches, such as Psili Ammos (West) and Limnionas.

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