Yes rent a car Samos

Car hire without credit card

Can you rent a car without a credit card, YES you can at yes rent a car, we don't ask for your creditcard details or CVV code. Nice, fast and safe

Offers car rental without creditcard

Your rental car on Samos in 2024 without Credit card.

No deposit

Because yes rent a car has full insurance, it is not necessary to pay a deposit. There are car rental companies that ask for a 300 to 900 euro deposit, or "reserve" this amount on your credit card. This means that if something happens, for example a scratch on the car or a broken mirror, that you would have to pay for it, or that the amount of the damage automatically will be deducted from your credit card. NOT with us! Isn’t that nice?

No credit card necessary

You don't even need a credit card, neither to book online nor to pay. With us you reserve a fully insured rental car and pay the way you want. This way you can enjoy your holiday in Samos in a relaxed way.

Payment details

With most online portals you always have to leave your payment details, and if you get the car from a different car rental company, than where you have reserved, it means that your payment details are simply passed on to third parties. Mmm, not such a nice feeling. This is not the case with Yes Rent a Car. We do not share any personal details with third parties. You book with us, pay to us and you are all-risk insured through us.

Its that easy to rent a car on Samos, without a credit card

Discover the nicest places on Samos with your rental car, because you can rent our cars everywhere on Samos

yes rent a car Samos, the easy way!!