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Guests, who come back to Samos year after year... - do we need to say more? Try it for yourself. Fill out our form and receive a free quote in your own language for your rental car at Samos. It's as easy as that!

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A simple idea

Full of energy we started yes rent a car on Samos in 2005. Our idea is simple offering just that, what you really want when you rent a car: to enjoy a carefree vacation!! Safety first! We offer new cars and we are one of the few rental companies on Samos, providing full insurance. So no ‘own risk’! We read, write and speak English, Dutch and German. So no misunderstandings in communication!

Discover Samos with yes rent a car!

Meanwhile yes rent a car has made a name in modern car hire on Samos. We are proud to have reached our guests, who love Samos, just like we do, through the internet. Our satisfied guests are happy and faithful to Samos and to yes rent a car. The comments in our guestbook speak for themselves. Guests, who are satisfied and come back year after year... Do we need to say more? Try it for yourself! Request a free quotation and you will receive a crystal clear offer in your own language.

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Samos airport

Samos airport is situated 3 kilometers west of Pythagorion, at the island’s south coast. From the airport you reach Pythagorion in no time. From here, the road leads you to Vathi (Samos-city), the capital of the island.

Of course we give you a hand with your luggage and explain all about your car, so that you can have a nice and safe Samos holiday.

Maintenance and service

Each year, all our cars are serviced by Chevrolet and Nissan in Karlovassi. Their staff is professionally trained by Chevrolet and Nissan in Athens. We keep our quality high so you will enjoy a nice holiday without car trouble.

Polikratis and Jorgos

yes as sponsor

yes rent a car Samos is official sponsor of various sports associations on Samos.

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We support the animals on Samos and offcourse the Ireon music festival Samos >

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